Snow Days

Snow days.jpgWe recently had a decent amount of snow fall and it made me think of when I was in school and how I wished for a snow day. We probably didn’t have enough to make them call a snow day – I live in Northeast Ohio – but it made me wish adults could have them.

I know, I know, business and the economy would come a screeching halt. Not really, but that’s what it always seemed like when my bosses in the past took pity on their peons and allowed us to go home early or come in late. Forget our safety or peace of mind.

When I was younger a snow day was exciting. It meant an extra day of fun and playing – snow forts and snowball fights. It meant I could watch cartoons longer in the morning. As I got older it meant more sleep sometimes, but usually I was too excited to sleep.

It meant possibilities.

It’s funny how adults don’t look at unexpected breaks as anything other than an inconvenience – something that must be endured until they can get back to their routine of working. Maybe it’s just me, though.

Maybe I’m the only one who’s thought that way…

At least I used to, but now things have changed. Time has become my most precious resource precisely because it is so finite. Spending my days worrying and working for no other reason than to survive is just not enough anymore.

I say with the right perspective every day can be a snow day – every day can have possibilities – no matter what I’m doing.

Who’s with me?


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