y2kI’ve been reading a novel about conspiracies for the past week or so. I’ve always been a believer in conspiracies, not a crazy, ‘out there’ believer, but I’m sure there are things that happen in this country that our leaders would rather the American public not know about. It’s stuff that would make what is ‘accidentally’ leaked to the media look tame by comparison.

One of my long-held beliefs is that whatever is being reported is being used to distract the general population from the real problems that we face. The real injustices. But I could be wrong. Fox Mulder had it right, though.

Trust no one.

So this novel I’m reading, A Conspiracy of Tall Men, by Noah Hawley, is pretty good. It is his first book and was written in 1998. I know, I know, how can a book about outdated conspiracies from almost 20 years ago actually hold up?

I’m telling you it does. I didn’t know it was that old when I first started reading it and only looked at the date when one of the characters mentioned Y2K. You remember Y2K right? When chaos was going to ensue because our computers wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the year 2000 and the year 1900.

We can all laugh about it now, but it did seem like a huge problem at the time. Then it became one of those crisis averted situations. But it got me thinking about how far our technology has come in such a short amount of time. And whether or not we’re better off for it.

And, of course, how much we, as the general public, don’t know about how it was all possible. Who had a hand in what and why. And if we knew what it truly cost us to have the latest gadget or software or app would we still buy and use them?

Because at this point it would take a major lifestyle shift to live without modern technology. It would take sacrifice that most would be unwilling to make. And that leads me to the biggest conspiracy of all…

More is better. More is happiness. More is acceptance.

That’s my challenge for all of us today – question whether or not more of anything would be beneficial in our lives. Or would it just add more stress, more heartache, more trouble…


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