What am I missing?

img410I was cooking breakfast the other day and needed to flip the bacon. The grease splashed up and hit my hand. It was nothing serious but it hurt and of course it continued to splash my hand until I had flipped all the pieces over and was able to walk away.

I continued to make breakfast when it occurred to me that I spent many years avoiding cooking bacon because I didn’t want to get hurt from the hot bacon fat. Then I wondered how many other things I’d missed out on because I didn’t want to get hurt or I thought it would be too hard or I wouldn’t be good at them.

It’s a very human tendency to choose the path of least resistance and avoid getting hurt, but at what cost? What wonderful, truly awesome experiences am I missing because I don’t want to get hurt?

And yes, bacon is awesome and definitely worth the pain!

And what about people? I’ve never had many people in my life and I don’t really regret that being the introvert that I am, but what if avoiding people is costing me more than I could ever know?

It’s not that I avoid new experiences at all costs, but I know what I like and I tend to stick with that. Totally normal, I think, right? But now I wonder if I should try things that require extra effort on my part. Things that may or may not turn out well the first time around. Make the extra effort to have a conversation when every instinct is telling me to avoid eye contact. Exercise when all I want to do is sit in front of my computer…

Life is too short to get to the end of it with regrets. I think we’re going to get hurt no matter what we do so why not try something that takes us out of our comfort zone once in a while?


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