Assumptions Make Me Angry

DSCN0539.JPGI make assumptions everyday, everyone does. Ha, there’s another one! I’m not sure but it may be impossible to get away from assuming anything. If I had to go through everyday needing to confirm everything I thought or believed I think my head would explode. I certainly wouldn’t get anything accomplished.

I guess there is a place for assumptions, most of them anyway. Kind of like mosquitoes must serve some purpose other than spreading disease and making me itch. I understand that we need assumptions in order to function as a society otherwise everyone in media would have nothing to say 24/7 (Trust Me, I’m Lying).

There are assumptions that do make me angry, though. They are dangerous and divisive and seek to push the ideas of a few onto the masses. These assumptions leave no room for other ideas or theories. People assume that they are right, making everyone else wrong.

Well, excuse me all to hell, but has humankind become so arrogant and prideful that we believe we know everything there is to know about everything? Are there no more mysteries to solve in the universe? Do humans have all the answers about Heaven and Hell, who’s going where, or if they even exist?

Don’t get me wrong, you are welcome to your beliefs and theories and assumptions. I guess I’m not angry because people make assumptions, that would be more than a bit hypocritical. No, I’m angry because no one is content just to make assumptions or have beliefs anymore. No, now it’s very important to spew them all over social media while tearing others down for disagreeing with them.

I spent the first half of my life force-feeding my beliefs down strangers throats – religion is really good at that. Of course I was a kid and when I grew up I discovered they were never really my beliefs, but that’s another post. I remember thinking though how awful it was for us to be walking into someone’s home and telling them that everything they believed was wrong. They weren’t worshiping the true God and unless they started there would be dire consequences.

I knew I would never want someone to attack me in my home.

Somewhere along the way it has become okay to attack others for having different ideas, beliefs, and assumptions. When did that happen? More importantly, why did it happen?

Maybe I’m not so much angry, but sad. I cut all ties with my family because they couldn’t make room for any other ideas. I assumed that people outside of that religion would be more tolerant and open to admitting just how little we all know.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered this world is full of close-minded, judgmental bigots.

So yeah, I’m sad and determined. I refuse to live my life filled with judgmental hatred and anger. I freely admit I don’t know everything and never will, but that’s okay because I get to learn something new everyday.

Who’s with me?


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