The Holiday Effect

DSCN0549.JPGCan you feel it? If you’re in charge of making Thanksgiving dinner then you most definitely can! If you’re an introvert then you’ve been dreading this next month for the past 6 months. I call it the Holiday Effect. Time ceases to function normally. There’s a sense of urgency that makes most everyone tense and terse. It also makes it almost impossible to think and concentrate.

I’ve written this blog three times so far. Hopefully this one will make sense or at least be something someone will want to read.

Then I wondered why we do this to ourselves every year. It’s not like the holidays are a surprise. We all know they’re coming and what they can mean – awkward conversations, an insane amount of prep work, breaking up a few fights, hurt feelings…

So what can any of us do?

I have found the only way to stay sane and kind is to work in at least a few days where there is limited social interaction. R.J., being an introvert himself, understands and hides in his office on those days. I know better than to actually schedule the days. I simply let my body and mind tell me when I need to shut down and do something restorative. For me that’s writing, reading, arts and crafts, but it can be anything that soothes the nerves and relieves the tension.

I don’t recommend drinking – I’ve tried that and it usually only leads to more stress and tension. 🙂

Care to share?

I would love to hear about other positive things we can do to make the holidays happy, healthy and fun!



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