Someone Has to Lose

It’s Major League Baseball playoff season. I would understand if you don’t know that or don’t care. The Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians are both trying to make it to the World Series – two teams who aren’t known for inspiring confidence in their abilities to win in recent years.

But I care because one is my hometown team and the other is an underdog. I have this thing about underdogs. Here’s the thing, though, if they both make it to the World Series then one of them will have to lose.

It’s the way competition works. Hell, it’s the way the world works.

And yet, we as a society seemed surprised by this fact now.

Or maybe it’s just because we can’t possibly imagine a scenario where we – or our team – will lose. Or we’ve been raising our children to not to have to face and accept loss and failure so now it’s seeped into our subconscious.

I’m not saying we should plan to lose or fail and just give up. I’m saying we need to plan for things not going our way – because that’s life – and then be able to adjust.

I’ll give you a for instance:

The Indians have had an amazing post season. They swept the Red Sox and are 1 game – 1 game people! – from going to the World Series. Until yesterday they had not trailed another team in an inning in the post season. But as soon as the Blue Jays scored yesterday, something shifted. It was like the Indians couldn’t believe they hadn’t scored first and they couldn’t get past it in their minds. They were playing defeated, both offensively and defensively.

The game before was feat in great management and team work but even that wasn’t enough for them to get past not scoring first. But I say this team has it in them to get past any hurdle.

I say all of us have it in us to get past any hurdle if we:

  1. accept it’s possible that we can lose
  2. make plans in case things don’t go our way
  3. figure out ahead of time what we’ll do if we do lose

I’d like to say that no one will ever have to lose – in a game or in life – but that’s just not possible. We can be prepared, though. Our response to losing is way more important than the initial losing. That is the lesson we should be teaching our kids.

It builds a skill set that serves everyone well – problem solving, resiliency, a great person everyone wants to be around!

No one wants to lose, but someone has to…

How do you handle it?


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