Such is Life!

phone-012014-230Have you ever just shook your head when you heard some news about someone you know? Like you can’t believe that’s the way they live their life. It doesn’t have to be anything bad, harmful, or illegal. It may just be something you wouldn’t think or want to do.

Well, I do it. And I can’t figure out if it’s because I’m jealous, envious, or just getting old. Most of it revolves around how people spend their money. There’s nothing wrong with spending money. There’s nothing more I like to do than going to Costco. And believe me you can walk out with a half-empty cart and spend several hundred dollars if you’re not careful!

I guess I could blame it on R.J., my husband. He’s always taken care of our finances because it was established VERY early on in our relationship that he was way better with money than me. I used to spend it until I didn’t have any more and then wait until I had more to buy anything – well, except for the credit cards.

So yeah, he handles the money.

It’s been a few years now since he’s been on this financial independence kick. Like retirement only less depressing. It just means you don’t have to work for anyone else. It took awhile for me to figure out working toward that and being debt free is something I could get on board with.

It means there’s a lot of extras we have to learn to live without – like cable, expensive vacations, buying shit we don’t need, eating out a lot, etc. Turns out there are a lot of things in this world you can live without and still be happy.

Huh, who knew?

So I jumped on the frugal bandwagon and like any recent convert I wanted the whole world to join me. Please don’t misunderstand, I do not call my friends and family every time they post something on Facebook and yell at them for spending money. No I sit in my house and scratch my head and think how young they are and how much further ahead they could be than us if they started saving and spending wisely now.

And then I laugh at myself.

Believe me there are days when it seems like I’m laughing every waking moment, because come on! Who am I to be telling anyone how to live their lives? I ran away from my parents because they insisted on doing that to me.

Of course I will always have my opinions, but I learned something about opinions a decade or so ago.

No one wants, cares, or will really listen to what I think – even if they ask!

So I’m left with grumbling to myself and wondering if I’m getting old. I’m aware of the problem so it’s probably not that bad yet, but it’s good to remind myself of my own ridiculousness every now and then. That way I’m not the weirdo at the family functions going on and on about one thing or another and then wondering why no one hangs around me anymore…

Eh, such is life!


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