I’ve seen it all now…

dscn0324Who hasn’t at least thought that a time or two when we’ve seen or heard something that makes us scratch our heads?

I said it out loud the other day when I saw my neighbor vacuuming his driveway with an upright vacuum that’s meant for indoors. I actually stopped what I was doing to watch him for a minute or two. It’s like that isn’t it? Someone does something that seems so logical to them at the time that we think is so absurd and now we think we’ve seen it all.

Once I said that I stopped again to take a moment to consider what that phrase actually means. I don’t know where the phrase comes from and if the first arrogant bastard who said it understood what he was saying. And yes, I am a bit angry.

This phrase is the epitome of speaking before thinking. I am mostly angry at myself for saying it – again – without thought. But seriously, if I think I’ve seen it all what’s the point of life from now on? Is there anything left to amaze me or give me a sense of wonder? Something I look forward to almost on a daily basis.

I know that maybe I’m taking this a bit too far. After all the English language is riddled with phrases that don’t make any sense if you break them down. And don’t get me started on the sayings I grew up with in West Virginia!

But, come on!! So what if someone does something we think is a little goofy – and yes I think vacuuming your driveway is a bit goofy. I’ve barely been out of the United States let alone the state in which I live, so to have the audacity to even think I’ve seen it all is ludicrous.

Here’s a truer statement – I haven’t come anywhere near seeing everything in this life and I’ll be lucky to see even a quarter of everything before I die.

Or I haven’t seen nothing yet!

I’ve been on the look out for other phrases and sayings like this one. Things that just cross my mind because I’ve heard them over and over again. It’s time I make a concerted effort to think before I speak, to capture thoughts as I think them – it is possible to do that and it will radically change your life, for the better, when you learn how, and to stop thinking the thoughts that are contrary to my core beliefs.

Who’s with me?


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