Possibilities are Endless


This concept didn’t really hit home with me until a few weeks ago. Sure it’s a great marketing/advertising slogan, but it didn’t have much meaning to me personally. Life tends to be routine, mundane even, after awhile which can make possibilities seem very limited.

But can it really be true? Can life be full of possibilities for those brave (crazy?) enough to dream? How many possibilities can a person conceive without shrinking back in fear?

The short answer is I don’t know – at least for anyone else. And the answers are different for me every day. There are days when I am content with the life I have, very happy where I live, and very happy in our home. I am very content to be ordinary.

And then there are days…

  • Days when however much time I have left will never be enough to accomplish everything that I want to do.
  • Days when becoming what I’ve always dreamed seems not only possible but very doable.
  • Days when everything makes sense and everything I’ve had to go through is like a road map to where I want to go.
  • Days when my heart feels like it will burst from the excitement of possibilities.

It’s these days that I try to hold onto. I try to stir the excitement of change and growth, because I know I’m going to need it when I’m in the middle of a project – or life – and my enthusiasm is flagging. It’s in the middle where possibilities become overrated because no one is there to cheer you on or tell you how great you are. It’s where doubt and self-ridicule sneak in to tell me how crazy the idea was in the first place. It’s where the concept of endless possibilities becomes overwhelming, daunting, stupid even.

It’s on days like these when I circle back around to the days I mentioned before. Because when it’s all said and done life is too damn short to live overwhelmed and scared. Because when I live a life where everything is possible it becomes impossible for anyone to stand in my way for long. Because when I live for the possibilities of growth and change I can help others on my way. Because where there are possibilities, there is hope.

So today I’m stirring the excitement of possibilities while I’m in the middle of life.

Who’s with me?

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