Slowing Down and Appreciating

I had a pretty long-winded post planned for today and then I realized that it was time for a gift-1break again. It’s time to take a minute just to breathe and be thankful that life is pretty damn good right now. I’ve always been in a hurry to get wherever I’m going or to finish one project just to start another one.

So today, in the spirit of slowing down and appreciating accomplishments (big and small), I’m going to go water my newly transplanted Rose of Sharon bushes, reflect, appreciate, and be thankful.

There’s always going to be something else that I want or need to do. There’s always going to be something I want or need to improve.

There’s always going to be an article or post that tells me that I haven’t accomplished enough, I’ll never be successful enough, or I’m just not good enough.

That may all be true, but only if I compare myself to someone else. I tweeted the other day (@langer161) that success may be one of the few words that can be defined in so many different ways. It all depends on how you look at it. One thing I know for certain is that I will never be successful or even happy if I use someone else’s success or happiness to measure my own.

The longer I’m alive the more I’ve come to believe that our paths were never meant to be straight and they were never meant to be easy. If we never stretch ourselves or test our limits we’ll never know how far we can go, but it has nothing to do with anyone else. Once we figure that out it becomes easier to overcome jealousy and strife and actually help others succeed because we know other people’s success doesn’t diminish us in any way.

I would argue that helping others succeed gives us a foundation for our own success – however we define it.

So, while I know that I will be back at figuring out how to conquer the world tomorrow, for today I’m going to take a few extra moments to appreciate what I’m doing, while I’m doing it.

Care to join me?

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