Making Bold Choices

DSCN0397.JPGI talk (and write) about change a lot. Change is the only constant, which is ironic. It’s also ironic that as much as we detest change we crave it at the same time. Some people go so far as to create change out of sheer boredom.

Then there are times when we allow others to create change for us. The thought of making a decision or choice is so exhausting and overwhelming we’d rather deal with the consequences of someone else’s decision even if we know it’s the wrong one for us.

Then there are the weak, not really making a change, decisions or choices. The ones made halfheartedly when we know – I mean KNOW – that we won’t see them through. It’s like we’ve mentally crossed our fingers behind our backs.

Those are the most dangerous, since they allow us to fool ourselves into thinking that we are actually decisive people. That we are actually making positive changes in our lives. That we actually stick to something to the end.

I challenge all of us today to start not only make choices, but to make BOLD choices. Choices that we know will shake things up and propel us into a different future.

You know the choices I mean.

The choices that when you think about them they give you butterflies in the pit of your stomach. The choices that will push you further, that will test your limits, that will require sacrifice. The choices that make you shrink back mentally and the desire to procrastinate becomes to strong to ignore.

Who’s with me?

Who wants to share their bold choices?


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