Finding Joy in the Seemingly Mundane

DSCN0317.JPGI am sure there are people out there that are pretty much happy no matter what they’re doing. They never get impatient or irritated, but seem to go through life on a fluffy cloud of obliviousness. Those are the people that I like to play with – as in I keep pointing out irritating stuff until I find their triggers. Then they can’t not be irritated and grumpy and I walk away laughing.

I know, I know. I shouldn’t do that, because if there are people in this world who are inherently nice we should leave them be. If there anything this world needs right now it’s more nice people – more people who can do the day-to-day stuff and still be happy. They don’t need excitement or thrills or drama just to be okay.

And I think we’re building a society that needs constant attention and approval and affirmation just to be okay. But what happens when there are no cameras, posts, or anything post worthy happening? What happens when the only thing that’s going on is just living – getting up, getting ready, going to work, working, coming home, taking care of family/home/pets, going to bed?

For some (I’m included in that some) it becomes mind-numbingly boring. I know I get cranky and irritable and just want to go somewhere other than where I’m at. I’m not really a social media junky (or whore if I’m being blunt) though. I really have no need for all of my “friends” to know what I’m doing 24/7. I will post pictures of current renovations to my home or pictures of my dogs occasionally, but for the most part I keep even the occasions to myself.

What do you call this blog? You may ask.

To be honest, I don’t know. For the most part it’s my way of processing a very confusing time in my life and if others gain anything from what I write then that’s a bonus. I am very, very humbled and honored to have the followers that I have. That makes this different to me. Feel free to disagree.

Of course my life is very, very tame. I don’t really do anything. My idea of excitement is going to Costco – which I recommend to anyone. They don’t play music in their stores so when it’s not busy (it’s getting harder and harder to find that time) you can meander up and down the aisles to your heart’s content. Very soothing.

Anyway, I do other things, but most I do at home (not post-worthy stuff unless you’re into arts and crafts). I like being at home don’t get me wrong, but when I have to do things (chores) day after day after day that I don’t want to do I get cranky. I throw fits. Thankfully not as often or as hard as I used to, but I still throw them.

I suppose I could find the appropriate meme and post it every time I have to wash the dishes or scrub the toilets or vacuum the house or prepare a meal (that’s what’s giving me a big case of the fits right now), but what’s the point? If I complain about everything I don’t want to do EVERY time I do it I will never get over having a fit.

Somehow I don’t think that is how life is meant to be. I think life is meant to be one big, long discovery that happens every day. EVERY DAY! And I have found that if I stop bitching for just a minute I can actually enjoy what I’m bitching about while I’m doing it. That doesn’t stop me from bitching every time, but I’m getting there.

One of my main goals in life is to be stable – enjoy the ups, weather the downs, and have a smile on my face in between. Part of that is being able to find the joy no matter what the task and being thankful for the ability to do it. Wish I could say I was there already, but hey tomorrow’s another day!


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