Down the Drain

sink drainSo this morning was going along smoothly. I remembered to take my homemade turkey sausage patties out of the freezer last night and put them in the fridge, woke up early, and just made a fresh container of clarified butter. You may be wondering why I am taking perfectly good unsalted butter and cooking out the dairy. It certainly seemed like an unnecessary step to me, but now it’s worth it – more on that in a different post.

Once I had the hot, melted, clarified butter in the mason jar (it looks like liquid sunshine, btw) I put it on the partition in the middle of my sink to cool. This was only the second time I had made clarified butter so I was very pleased with myself when I was able to get the butter in the jar much easier this time.

I was ready for a great day!

I then went on to make breakfast, which included fruit. Fruit that needed to be washed. Washed in the sink where my clarified butter was cooling. Where my clarified butter was nowhere near being solid again. I’m sure you know where I’m going with this, but I’ll tell you anyway.

I turned to wash the fruit in the sink and knocked over the mason jar. I hadn’t even turned all the way around so it took me a moment or two to realize what I had knocked over. Once I did I turned to the sink and there was the mason jar on its side in the sink and all of my clarified butter went down the drain. A whole pound of butter wasted – not to mention my time. So I swore – loudly – and hung my head. My great day was teetering on the edge of being a crappy day.

Now I know that wasting butter isn’t the end of the world and it was even easier the third time I made it. But I realized in that moment with my head hung low staring at the butter slowly going down the drain how extremely easy it would be to let such trivial things ruin my day.

I also realized that I have let such trivial things ruin my day. I would leave the house looking to vent all of my frustrations out on some poor schmuck. I would also be extra sensitive, becoming offending at the least provocation. In other words, I would turn into a stark, raving bitch.

Not only would my clarified butter go down the drain, but also the rest of my day. As well as any rapport I had built with any one I knew with whom I interacted that day. I would spend the next day beating myself up about what I had said or how I had acted and have to build up the courage to apologize. Then actually apologize. Ugh, there is nothing more humbling than apologizing to someone for something you did or said.

There are so many little things that can ruin a morning. Spill coffee down the front of you after you’re dressed for work. Trip over the dog and hit your head. Hit construction on your way to work that no one warned you about. The list is endless, and any of these things can sour a mood and ruin a day.

If you let them…

I for one am done letting clarified butter going down the drain cause the rest of my day do the same. I literally had to shake my head to get the negativity out, but I’d rather look silly for a few seconds than be miserable for a whole day.

And my day is going to be a great day! Make yours great too! Shake off the inconveniences and negativity and look for the good that’s happening instead!


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