When did words lose their true meaning?

img200I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Probably because I’ve been writing a lot more and want to make sure I use the best possible words to convey the message I’m trying to write. I think it is so incredibly awesome that we have the ability to communicate the way we do. So I don’t want to settle for ordinary, but I also don’t want to alienate or confuse anyone.

So I’ve been thinking about the meaning of words – specifically words that we use everyday. I think those words are the ones that tend to take on new meaning and morph into something unintended. Then there are catch-phrases that take on a life of their own.

Since I’ve been cable-TV-free I’ve also been pretty much commercial and ad free – My Life After Cable T.V. Sure I see ads online all the time, but I’ve learned to tune them out – just like everyone else. So I’m beginning to think that the meaning of words change when marketers and advertisers get a hold of them. They use words to suit their purpose which is to SELL MORE PRODUCTS!

Unfortunately, most (hopefully not all) don’t mind if they lie, mislead, or misinform in the process. It’s one of the reasons why I question my career in marketing. And why I think some words have lost their true meaning. To me marketing is communicating a brand or the brand’s message to the target audience. It means supporting sales people in their endeavor to SELL MORE PRODUCTS!

Not that I think we need more stuff, but that’s another post.

Maybe just being conscious of the words I say is important. Maybe it’s more than just spouting the first thought that comes into my head. Maybe taking a second or two to think about how my words will impact those around me. Maybe just thinking first before I speak will change the course of a relationship.

The bottom line – words are powerful, so knowing their true meaning before you communicate!


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