Study the Board


chessI’ve mentioned recently about the changes I’ve been making/experiencing. Some changes have been purposeful on my part and some have been totally out of my control. Because of some of those changes I have more time to contemplate where I’ve been, where I’m at, and where I’m headed.

Kind of a scary proposition since some of the places where I’ve been I’d rather not visit again. And since I have no I idea how I’m going to get from where I’m at to where I’m headed there’s no part of this contemplation that doesn’t give me a good panic attack! But deep down in my gut I’m super excited too.

Why am I excited?!

Because have much contemplation I realized that the decisions I made way back when have laid the groundwork for the next phases of my life. I won’t even pretend that I knew that back in my 20s. It does make it easier to trust my decisions and instincts now. I’ve also learned to take a little extra time to make decisions.

So I’m contemplating, trying to extract patterns, successes, failures while planning the future and some things became clearer to me.

  • Life is too short to be mean to other people.
  • Life is too short to do things I know I’ll regret (not to be confused with regretting things that I didn’t know would turn out bad).
  • Life is too short to not enjoy each and every day.
  • I may not do everything perfectly, but I do my best each and every day.

Then I started thinking about games, chess in particular. Now I’m no chess player and probably never will be, but I do appreciate how much patience a truly skilled player needs to be successful – that and the ability to “see” many steps ahead. The play also needs to be able to understand how one move is going to affect every other move, both his and his opponents. In other words, the player needs to be capable of forethought and planning.

I wonder how people’s lives would change if they lived like they were playing chess. Instead of just floating through life, purposely making decisions that will help them accomplish their goals. Take the time to study the board so to speak and make moves that make the most sense.

I am so glad I have this time to “study the board” for my next move!


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