Power of Music

CAM00349I grew up in the back woods of West Virginia so it’s probably no surprise that I am a huge country music fan. I grew up with old school country from the ’80s and have seen the genre expand and morph into what it is today. I don’t hate the new stuff like some hardcore fans, but will admit that some of it is pretty crappy. But that’s what I think about the old stuff too.

I also liked pop music growing up – who doesn’t love “Jesse’s Girl” by Rick Springfield – and still do. I think it’s fascinating how much music has changed and stayed the same after all of these years. I also like that there’s more room for different kinds of music. I think that’s what’s so great about the music industry now and a great example of how social media has changed it.

One of my favorite things to do now is turn on YouTube and go hunting for bands I’ve never heard of before. It doesn’t matter the type of music to me, but R.J. hates country and pop so we usually end up finding new metal or alternative groups. Although lately there has been some crossover. Plus I sneak in some country when I can.

I still buy CDs – yeah, I know way outdated – but it gives me the opportunity to hear songs that won’t be released as singles or have videos made. Most of the time I find at least one or two songs that resonate with me more than the popular ones – usually because I like the lyrics better.

Lyrics have always been important to me. Words in general have such power. They can build up or tear down so quickly and the scary part is that most of the time we don’t have a clue which one we’re doing when we speak, write, sing, etc.

I think that’s why I’ve started to gravitate toward songs with lyrics that build me up or just have an overall positive message. I have found that if I listen to depressing or angry lyrics for any length of time it makes me angry and depressed – go figure!

I’m not saying I listen to upbeat songs all the time. That’s the power and beauty of music too. There is such a variety out there now that I can listen to anything I want based on the mood I’m in or want to be in. Sometimes I need to process a troubling or challenging situation and need music that will slow me down enough to do that.

Sometimes I’m so angry and frustrated I need to do a little headbanging….

I’m so glad R.J. introduced me to Rob Zombie! His new album has to be his best yet.

Why not be a little adventurous today and check out some bands you would normally listen to and discover the power for yourself?!

And be sure to check out my new book Fallacy!

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