Consequence – Book 2


I’ve been thinking about the word consequence a lot lately. Not just because it’s the title of my second book, but also because it seems to be one of those words that has lost all meaning in our society. So I looked up the meaning.

Consequence literally means the effect, result, or outcome of something occurring earlier according to the online dictionary I used. It’s pretty simple and straightforward, but once I stopped to think about it I was amazed that I chose this word as a title.

Fallacy I could understand. I believe religious leaders probably started out meaning well, but once power hungry, money-grubbing people understood how powerful faith can be to use to manipulate others it was all over but the shouting. They prey on what they perceive as a weakness – the need or desire to believe in something greater than oneself.

But, consequence?

This book is a journey of one woman who has experienced the pain many have felt and as a result – a consequence, if you will – she starts out as a not-very-nice person.

You see, there are consequences when a person treats others badly. That person may not always see those consequences right away, but such treatment creates a pattern and eventually those consequences are felt.

Are you feeling the consequences of past actions right now?


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