Lessons Learned. .

. . . .from My Dogs

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So like all dog moms I am especially partial to my babies. What amazes me is how much I learn everyday just by observing their behavior. Before I get into all of that let me give you a little background.

Ricky (tan) and Julian (black & white) are brothers who have never been separated. We adopted them about five years ago from an awesome shelter named the Geauga County Rescue Village. If you’re from the North East Ohio area and are looking to adopt a pet (or in our case two) I highly recommend you check them out!

In case you’re wondering, we did change their names after we adopted them. If you’ve ever seen the Trailer Park Boys then you will appreciate the humor. If not, you may want to check the show out. Many lessons learned from that show!

We had originally set out to adopt one dog to replace Bubba, our black lab who we had to put down. I was not dealing with void very well and new the only way to fix it would be to get another dog. I went online and found Magic (Ricky) first. He looked okay in a mischievious sort of way, but I wanted another black lab type dog. Then I found Cole (Julian). Bubba’s full name was Bubba Cole.

It seemed like fate!

So I drug R.J., my husband, to the shelter to get acquainted with the dogs. Julian was quiet and shy. He is also a leaner. So he just sat there leaning against my leg waiting to be petted some more. Ricky paced the room, barked at any movement, and farted when he jumped up to look out the window. He couldn’t care less that we were in the room with him.

This first encounter was close to closing time on a Thursday. I of course wanted to adopt them on the stop. R.J. has always been reluctant to make any impulse buys so he said we had to wait. If they were still available on Saturday we could get them. You see the shelter was reluctant to separate them since they had been together since birth (a year and half at that time). So it was all or none in my book!

I guess you know what happened! We adopted these lovable, stinky bastards and the rest is history. Except as time went on I realized that it was just the beginning – another seemingly inconsequential beginning.

Since they had never been apart they started to rely on each other from a very early age. Add in the fact that they had been tied outside for over 12 hours a day without any supervision or human interaction and you get two dogs who come to depend on each other on a whole other level. They also didn’t need humans other than for food and water.

It’s better now. They cuddle and interact with us, but deep down R.J. and I know that as long as they have each other we’re after thoughts to them. It is also amazing how their personalities compliment each other. Julian is still quiet and shy but he is the protector. He is the one who barks when they hear something out of the ordinary. He is the one who alerts us when people are coming to the door. He’s also the pure dog.

Ricky on the other hand is way too smart for his own good and a bit lazy. He waits to see if there is a real threat before he joins in with his brother. I swear he’s flipping me off in his mind when I laugh at something he’s done.

Sometimes I think together they make the perfect well-rounded dog.

It seems that as long as they have each other they are happy. If only humans could figure that out then the horrible divorce statistic wouldn’t exist! We wouldn’t have fights among families.

Don’t get me wrong there are days when Ricky can’t stand Julian and vice versa and they spend most of the day away from each other. But the minute either one of them senses a threat they are right back at each other’s side. It is hard to miss their sense of loyalty even when they’re jostling each other for the best table scraps.

I know they’re just dogs, but wouldn’t it be great if we humans could learn to live with one another like these two? Accepting each other. Forgiving each other. Trusting that even if we find each other annoying as hell one day we will have each other’s back the next.

Inconsequential beginning? I think not. . . .

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