Fallacy – Early Release

Fallacy CoverFallacy, my first novel, was released yesterday on Amazon! It will be released for other eReaders on July 1st.

Here is a preview. Enjoy!

Somehow Jenny never thought Armageddon would be like this. She grew up with the idea that it was something to be anticipated. All of the teasing and mean-spirited laughter would stop once Armageddon started. Then she could smugly look at her tormentors and say, “Now who’s laughing?” as they burned or sank into the ground or something. She wasn’t quite clear on how God would smite them, but she knew He would. Then she would be vindicated.

Now no one knew what to think. Even religious leaders who had been preaching doom and gloom for generations had no idea what was happening. They no doubt expected to be raptured by now, but there were no mysterious disappearances to date, only fire, sickness, and death. Murder and looting were also on the rise. It was worse in urban areas, but the suburbs were by no means immune.

People were scared and many had lost their faith. Even those who didn’t believe in anything were struggling to make sense of everything that had happened in the past few months. This made everyone dangerous, because even if someone didn’t want to believe in life after death when that concept or hope was taken away permanently there really was no reason to be civilized. People really started to live in the moment and consequences were a thing of the past. Maslow’s pyramid lost all but the bottom layer. It was anyone’s guess if civilization would ever reassert itself.


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