Survival Instinct

I have been a huge fan of zombie apocalypse novels for five or six years now (Jonathan Maberry  is one of the best!). I have to admit though my fascination with the post-apocalyptic world started when I was much younger. I was a lonely kid, isolated by terrain and religion, so I had to come up with fun games I could play on my own. What better game to play than to figure out how to survive if everyone else was gone.

Now don’t think I was obsessed with death or anything. I didn’t much think about how or why everyone was gone. They just were. No my main concern was survival after the fact. That and I remember how less anxious I felt when I imagined a world where I didn’t have to worry about making other people (my parents/family) happy.

Before I go much further I should also point out that I grew up in the ’80s. A time long ago before (GASP) cell phones, social media, and useless information. We had useless information it was just a lot harder to broadcast. It was a time when a kid had to do his or her bullying on the playground, face to face.

So pretending I was living in a world alone wasn’t as much of a stretch of the imagination as it would be for kids today. I mean these kids are never alone, ever. I think that is my personal hell, but then again that’s me.

So I’ve got this fixation with survival, but not in a scary way. I think it would just pay to know how to do certain things (like grow food) just in case. So along with my zombie novels I picked up a book on homesteading. I don’t remember the title and I didn’t even get all the way through it so I’m pretty sure that lifestyle isn’t for me unless it becomes a necessity. I did learn a few things though.
The major number one thing was that it is ridiculously easy to grow your own vegetables! I mean who knew? In a society where we need an app for everything (I’m waiting for an app to help wipe) there seems to be this weird notion that vegetables won’t grow in our yards. Not true! As you can see from my picture beans will grow crazy fast (this is about 2 1/2 weeks after I planted the seeds) just about anywhere. All I had to do was put them in dirt and have my husband water them everyday (I’ll explain that in another post).

CAM00286[1]Seriously people, we are doing our kids a disservice if we tell them the only way to eat is to buy everything. Hell, we’re doing ourselves a disservice, because even though zombies won’t kill us all someday (told you I wasn’t crazy) there are things that could. Plus watching stuff grow is kind of cool.


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