As I am feverishly working on finishing my first novel, Fallacy, I felt it necessary to take a minute to reflect on how much things have changed since my first short story was published. Granted it was in my school newspaper, which I helped publish, but there weren’t as many options available at the time. Now it’s possible to self-publish in both written and electronic form. We didn’t even have cell phones back then! And I’m pretty sure the newspaper was our social media.

Now I’m able to realize a lifelong dream with relative ease. You know, minus the writing part. This novel represents so much of what I’ve worked for and against. I grew up poor, believing I would never go to college and thus never become an author. I actually had a high school guidance counselor tell me that I would never become an author because I wasn’t going to college. There are so many things wrong with that I don’t even have the words.

I am so fiercely proud of the fact that in a few short weeks I get to prove her and everyone else that told me I couldn’t do it wrong. Don’t misunderstand, though, I am not angry. At least not anymore. I had a lot, and I mean A LOT, of growing up to do. That included trying and failing at more minimum-wage jobs than I care to count and finally overcoming my fears and actually going to college. Now I also have not one, not two, but three degrees!

It was during this journey that I found my voice and the courage to start writing again. And of course I am also married to the most amazing and supportive husband! He is my rock and so very brave for volunteering to take this journey with me.

So here’s to the journey! Here’s to growing and learning and never giving up!


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